Thank you Tim Kring for your beautiful creation <3

I think I have a big thing for heroes. Whether it be the ones from Newerth or the ones who save the cheerleader, heroes appeal greatly to me and I aspire to be like ‘em…starting today. 

Soooo, I got slapped today for telling someone the truth. Had to man up I guess?

Also I went to the Orlando stake’s temple today…best place I’ve ever been to. (The words used in the previous statement aren’t anywhere close enough to how I felt entering the place and while performing the ordinances.) Funniest story I took away from today is a friend’s entering into the font, missing all of the steps and dropping to the very bottom of the pool…in front of everyone. Hilarious :] She’s alright though. 

Oh and its not so much depression as I think that word is way to clinical. It’s more of wallowing and self-pity. The advent of such openness has created a yearning in all of us to be something that we see, whether on T.V. or the Internet or whatever medium. Not many people are satisfied, but hey, I’m good, great health, great peeps, great God and a great playlist. I jizzed in my pants. ;)